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We are very encouraged to receive two projects

from the Social Innovation Fund for two consecutive years


  • Intergenerational Green Volunteer

  • Horticultural Therapy and Five Sense Plants

  • Green Senior Life


PUYU BANNER - elderly copy.jpg

  • Horticultural Therapy and Five Sense Plants

  • Horticultural Therapy and Cognitive Impairment

  • Green Senior Life

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The SIE Fund intends to benefit members of the public in Hong Kong who are generally residents of Hong Kong without conditions of stay and in need of assistance in poverty alleviation and prevention of social exclusion such as the elderly, persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities, single-parent families, new arrivals, low income families, and other segments of the community in Hong Kong with limited access to education and opportunities. The aim is to bring hope, dignity and self-worth to these groups. 

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