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蒲寓園藝治療服務  PuYU Horticultural Therapy Services


​寓言    Meaning

Dandelion seeds release their burdens, drifting to the ground as the wind blows, sailing through the marks of life with the most gentle, fluttering attitude. It is an end, but also a new beginning. They dance the dance of life lightly, in the name of new life. To experience every aspect of human life, use lives to impact other lives, evolve into a mindful way of living and create beautiful memories.

緣起     Story

PuYU is a social enterprise founded and run by people aged 50-65. Our team is a group of plant-loving, people oriented, registered horticultural therapists who share a common goal: to bring the positive energy and benefits of plants to society through the promotion of horticultural therapy. In addition, in order to increase the quality of our service, we consult with experts in related fields (such as professors of cognitive psychology and experience social workers). They provide professional opinions to help us achieve our goals in more targeted ways.

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願景    Vision

For every elder, regardless of age, to be able to live more healthily, freely and fully.

使命    Mission

To help participants and stakeholders (including clients, employees, and partners) experience the positive benefits of interacting with plants in daily life, through the use of horticultural therapy services and solutions.

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